As advocates of sustainable mobility and non-motorised transport, we strive every day for Addis Ababa to become a bicycle friendly city. But we know women face countless struggles to make this a reality, from daily street harassment, sexual violence and gender stereotypes. This is why we have come together with our allies at Egre Menged Impact and co-created Cycle Techyalesh, a free women's bicycle school that takes place on the car-free streets of Menged Le Sew. Cycle Techyalesh is a collective space for women to learn to cycle, gain basic bicycle maintenance skills, learn about bicycle safety, build their confidence and take back the streets.

Addis Abeba’s Non-Motorised Transport Strategy has created the target of half of the capital city’s cyclists to be women by 2028. Through Cycle Techyalesh we are making this goal a little more possible every single week and creating urban streets that are truly for everyone.

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